Custom Web Development

3rd party integrations custom built just for you.

Basic Integrations

We have added tags for the following services to client websites.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • MailChimp
  • Intercom
  • Mouseflow
  • Facebook
  • AddThis
  • Twitter
  • VWO

Custom Integrations

Google Analytics

  • Data Analytics
    • Basic integrations
    • Order information from client’s custom web app pushed to Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce.
    • Outbound click tracking using events or virtual page views to support partnerships.
    • User behavioral data tracked as custom dimensions for better segmentation and analysis.

Google Sheets

  • Sales and Customer Service Support
    • Order information from client’s custom web app automatically pushed to Google Sheet to save time and reduce errors from manually merging data in batches.

Google AdWords

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Increased conversion rate of landing pages by dynamically updating headline based on exact search term used on Adwords ad.

Google Maps

  • Location Tracking
    • Client’s customers provide GPS data in order to allow real-time tracking of location.
  • Customization Style
    • Created custom info windows with styling to match match overall site look and color scheme.
    • Custom styled Google Maps to provide location data to match overall site look and color scheme.
  • User Experience
    • Created custom map click behaviors including sorting/filtering a sidebar of location-based product cards.
    • Dynamically loaded pin data while user pans and zooms the map with client-side caching to speed up experience and reduce server usage. Product information was resorted in real-time based on distance from center point of map.
    • Created custom pin clustering algorithm based on client needs.
    • Created interface for admins to dynamically update location data by dragging and dropping pin in Google Maps.

Google Tag Manager

  • Tags and Code Snippets
    • Created custom tags, triggers, and variables to support custom integrations with:
      • Google Adwords
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce
      • Mouseflow
      • Facebook
      • Google Maps
      • Intercom
      • Bing
      • Avantlink
      • AddThis


  • User Onboarding
    • Made user onboarding easier and more accurate by providing a “Sign Up with LinkedIn” button.
    • User’s LinkedIn email address was pre-filled to save time while still allowing users to provide separate email to system.
    • Basic profile data from LinkedIn populated into client’s system to increase effectiveness of content matching algorithms.


  • Social Feed
    • Automatically publish new blog posts to client Facebook page.
  • Social Feed
    • Automatically displayed latest tweet on users profile pages.
    • Pulled location data from tweets to generate Google Map visualization.
    • Automatically published new blog posts to client Twitter account.
  • Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management
    • Monitored specific keywords and hash tags to provide opportunity for client’s social media team to have relevant social media interactions.


  • Social Feed
    • Automatically displayed recent pictures from client’s Instagram feed on main website.
    • Automatically pulled Instagram images containing client-specified hashtags and created a moderation dashboard where administrators could either pre- or post-moderate inappropriate images.

Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Cloud Storage / S3
    • Provided durable backups of databases and files for client’s custom web app.
    • Hosted images, styles, and javascript using S3 and CloudFront to speed up client site.
    • Automatically generated a variety of image sizes for dynamic delivery to mobile devices, reducing bandwidth and improving the user experience.
  • Amazon Simple Email Service
    • Integrated client’s custom web app with Amazon Simple Email Service to increase deliverability and optimize server utilization.


  • Email Marketing
    • Took customers ecommerce customer data and subscribed them to a relevant Mailchimp list.
    • Confirmed attendees to a client’s events were subscribed to a relevant Mailchimp list.


  • Displayed Events
    • Displayed client’s Eventbrite events on their main website, matching styles and presentation for a more consistent user experience.
    • Created niche-specific filtering and sorting feature for Eventbrite events, making it easier for users to find exactly the event they wanted without having to switch to the Eventbrite website.
  • Data Analytics
    • Event attendee counts automatically updated into backend KPI dashboard to enable management and team to see customer growth.
  • Sales and Customer Service Support
    • Confirmed attendees were automatically subscribed to MailChimp list connected to transactional MailChimp automation campaign.
    • Confirmed attendees were automatically pushed into Zoho CRM to streamline customer service’s follow-up efforts.


  • Sales and Customer Service Support
    • Used Salesforce as the source of truth for a client’s custom web app user database. Automatically synced user data during on-boarding and when user’s update their preferences.


  • Sales and Customer Service Support
    • Integrated Intercom with client’s custom web app, including automatically displaying recent user interactions to aid in better customer service responses.
    • Provided data to Intercom to allow customer service team to identify what product(s) the user had recently seen.
    • Automatically synced Intercom leads to Zoho CRM to enable better followup with prospects.

Zoho CRM

  • Sales and Customer Service Support
    • Customer and order information in client’s custom web app automatically pushed to Zoho CRM as leads for the customer service staff to follow up.
    • Confirmed Eventbrite attendees automatically pushed to Zoho CRM as leads for the customer service staff to follow up.
    • Website contact forms automatically pushed to Zoho CRM as leads for sales team to follow up.

Visual Website Optimizer

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Created ability for client to test completely different user interactions by creating custom javascript and custom PHP code to run for specific variations.
  • Text Notifications
    • Created system that used matched vendors with customers in real-time using automatically generated SMS notifications.
    • Automatically sent SMS notifications for upcoming events to vendors and customers.
    • Created server side queue to ensure deliverability of all SMS notifications and display all SMS notifications sent in relation to any order in the client’s custom web app backend.

Auto Club South

  • Loyalty Program
    • Enabled customers to follow link from AAA Members-only site and have their Member ID automatically attached to their order.
    • Client’s custom web app automatically synced sales information to AAA batch file system daily so that AAA members would receive AAA Discounts Rewards points.

Royalty Zone

  • User Experience
    • Read contract information, licensed properties, and trademark data from RoyaltyZone to populated product/trademark selector for each licensee in client’s custom web app.

Adobe Acrobat

  • Form-based PDFs
    • Sent dynamically filled out PDF authorization form to client when customers fill out form on client website.
  • Dynamic PDFs with Images
    • Generated downloadable PDFs including client information and graphics dynamically pulled from database.

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